Jörgen Axelvall / Go to become 写真集発売のお知らせ

写真家 ヨーガン・アクエルバルの写真集「Go to become」が、2017年3月15日(水)に roshinbookより発刊します。





そして今作品には詩人 高橋睦郎にこの作品からインスパイアされた詩を寄せてもらい一冊の写真集として編み込みました。


本作品に収録されている作品の一部で、2013年にBottega VenetaとVOGUEが主催するThe New Exposure Photography Competitionの



Swedish-born photographer Jörgen Axelvall moved to Tokyo in 2011 to move its base to Japan after 15 years and activities in NY.

In a world where the population density is extremely high, and being tired of being “gaijin”, he searched for a place to find peace.

And find a quiet place where birds’ voices echo. Indeed it was like a sanctuary for him. The physical beauty expressed from the

appearance shot using the model was undoubtedly the cry of the liberated mind of the author himself.

Mutsuro Takahashi, famous as a modern poet, writes poetry for this work.

Pictures and poetry, roshin books politely finished these with the best prints and bindings. It is a photobook that feels the chemistry

that the scream of the heart and the whispers of the soul corresponding to it collide with each other.

Some photographs included in this work have won the International Division of The New Exposure Photography Competition sponsored

by Bottega Veneta and Vogue in 2013.


Jörgen Axelvall

「Go to become」

limited edition of 600 copies

88 pages, Japanse binding

hardcover, silk-screen printing on cloth

poetry : Mutsuo Takahashi

Japanese and English

book design : Katsuya Kato

size : 228mm × 274mm × 12mm


rosin books 2017

ISBN 978-4-9907120-7-1

release date : 15 March 2017